Vinyasa Yoga teacher training

Initial training 200H



From January 11 to February 7 2021 

at Briançon-Serre Chevalier 

French Alps


Every human being has a strenght, a freedom, a magic and an infinite potential....


This 28 days training will guide you a deep and intense adventure, an expedition in the heart of being....


This program is designed for those who desire to become teachers, as to those who wish to deepen they practices and knowledges of yoga and themselves. 


"Irradiate your magic

deeply grounded on Earth"



in addition to thorough corporal practice, this teaching will include an holistic dimension, incorporating yoga and others masters Philosophy, Ayurveda, Thai massage, Shamanic rituals, Coaching....


Expect to go off the beaten tracks, to meet the mountains spirits, practice nearby the rivers........

In brief, to be lead where you least expect.



A body-mind-spirit experience, with  simplicity, humour and the sensation to be deeply alive!







Cette formation va vous permettre d’acquérir les compétences visant à :

What you will learn:


-Improve your personal practice

-Build structured and educational sequences

-Adapt your teaching to all needs

-Leave space for intuition to your approach

-The basics principles of Ayurveda

-Develop an ethical posture and a comprehensive communication

-Teach from your unique you

-Integrate shamanic et yogic philosophy to your daily life






Carine, can you tell us a bit more about the training?


The 200h training of "Sacred Shamanic Mountain" Yoga is the basic training to start teaching Yoga.

This practice is Vinyasa Yoga, which is a form of dynamic, active yoga, quite engaging physically.



Here I will take you on an adventure, an expedition, at the heart of YOUR being,

by going towards the deep knowledge of the body, the spirit and the emotions, to go to touch the soul, to leave it all the place, in your teaching, your life, and to be able to radiate in the world.


"Radiate your uniqueness and your magic"


We will see very deeply; body, organs, chakras, bodies and energy circuits, how to start interacting with your soul, therefore your intuition and who you really are.


I will bring you several tools here; Yoga of course, and also Ayurveda, Thai massage, Coaching .... and Shamanism !!


The basics of shamanism will be taught to allow you to integrate this vision into your life and your teaching.

We will go further in the training posts.


In addition to acquiring the tools to retransmit yoga in a dynamic, creative and intuitive way, you will integrate a process of deep personal development.




What is the program?


Week after week we will work on the body, the mind and the emotions, the soul.

Each teaching will combine cleaning, personal work and learning at each level.

In addition to theoretical knowledge for each of the planes of being, you will be taught how to be more intuitive in your teaching, for example to create a  tailor-made practice at time T according to the energy of the students in front of you, but much more ...


I would teach you several complementary tools to yoga, such as Ayurveda, Thai massage elements, shamanic tools ...


We will not forget to play (in acro yoga for example) and to believe in our strength and our capacities, in particular upside down and / or on the hands ...


I reserve you full of surprises ;-)


What does shamanism add to this training?


As a shamanic healer, I permanently mix this practice with Yoga.

Shamanism is a very grounding teaching ,very close from yoga.

My medicine is that of the Mountains, so we will receive from them, their strength, their courage, their roots ...

In this training we will start to learn how to connect to the spirits and elements that surround us,

to bring the sacred back into matter, and many other things ....



Why a training in mountains ?


This is my place of residence, in France and in the world. Beyond that, it's also my specialty to work with the mountain spirits and their strengths. In shamanism it is said that this is my Medicine.


"Thanks to the mountains being deeply anchored, aligned between the Earth and the sky."


Who Should Attend?


It is aimed at people wishing to retransmit Yoga, as well as those who want to deepen their practice, to know themselves better, and to all those who want to enter into a process of inner transformation.


You have more questions?


contact me



Example of daily planning:

(May be subject to change, one full day off per week)


7h45-9h45 Morning practice


9h45-10h45 Breakfast


10h45-13h Teachning technics, asana lab, alignements and adjustements


13h-14h Lunch

14h-16h Free time


16h-19h Anatomy, physiology, Coaching, Ayurveda, Yin Yoga, thai massage, acro yoga


19h-20h Lectures, meditation, shamanic rituals

20h Free time







Training place: The studio, 8 rue Bermond Gonnet 05100 Briançon, France (French alps)


Price: 2400€




-A regular practice many month before the training is highly recommended 

-This training is rich and intensive, be prepared to participate fully for all 4 weeks



There is some accommodations possibilities on the spot in a shared apparemment. Contact me. 




Our environnement: 

Briançon-Serre Chevalier is a ski resort located in the south alps and is the highest town in Europe (1326m)

This place has a micro climate, the air is dry and the sun is at the "rendez vous" 300 days per year.

The studio is located in a calm property in the lower town (1200m).

Wherever you look at, mountains are there.  Here the nature is omnipresent and the way of life healthy and cool.

A little bit of walk or many minutes drive and here we are, far from everything, nearby a lake, a river or in the Ecrin National Parc.

Many are those who nickname this place "the small Himalaya"!

Our water come from the mountains, our air is pure.....

Welcome to my home ;-)