Shamanic trip to Népal
From August 30 to September 14, 2019:

A group to the meeting to Nepal-International Cross-Cultural Shamanism

With Bhola Banstola and Carine Lemaitre

“The feet of the wanderer is like the flower, his/her soul is growing and reaping the fruit, all his/her obstacles are destroyed by his/her fatigues in wandering. Therefore, wander!”

Nepal is as complex as its most intricate and exquisite weavings of deep ancient traditions and cultures. Festivals and ceremonies mark ancient rites, the urban setting beams innovation and nature bestows splendid diversity of color, light, perfumes, rhythms.

Participants wander through the ancient lanes and squares of old city palaces of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan observing the beauty of craftsmanship either in woods or in stones or terra cotta: every corner and creation looks divine! Participation and observation of ceremonies and rituals in temples of Pashupatinath, Navadurga, Krishna, Bhairava, Shiva temples, etc take you in your depth of pure consciousness and recollection. The fluttering prayer flags and rolling prayer wheels of Boudhanath, Swayambhunath and other monasteries reminds us of 'turning the wheel of time' and being in 'present moment'. Visit mountain communities, living with them and understanding their 'ways of life and living' takes us back to medieval times.

The working skills, passion, sophistication and perfection in local art, handicraft, sacred paintings, handmade paper works, etc. makes Nepal one of the best 'shopping destination'. 'The sacred shopping' a term we have just started using consists of small to large size metal, wood and terracotta statues and protective symbols, hand-drawn sacred painting of thangkas and mandalas, paper drawings, etc. are rare and may be found 'only in Nepal'.

Nepalese festivities sometimes swallow your days and nights. From the dances of Gods and Goddesses to the mythical beliefs where ancient pageants unwind to the tune of booming brass bands, drums, cymbals, and sacred songs. Nepal's complex rich cultural heritage is never more real and visceral than when you are immersed in a street and ancient courtyard dances: how can you control yourself without joining them! Deities of old are reincarnated in human forms; pilgrims climb mountains to honor the deities and dip in cold waters of sacred lakes in the high Himalayas in the dead of night; ancestors are honored; living are respected; shamans embody and incorporate the spirits and perform healing ceremonies; Gandharvas play celestial music and Apsaras dance amongst the humans.

During your sojourn in Nepal, you will have opportunities to participate and celebrate Teej, the festival of women dedicated for bringing harmony, peace, prosperity both material and spiritual for the family and community and accomplishment of new relationships.
Ganesh Chaturthi, a special and powerful day to honor Ganesha, the path opener and bringer of auspiciousness and new beginning also falls during this trip. The participants create a special ceremony and perform rituals to honor. We will participate Indra Jatra, the festival to honor Indra, the Lord of the havens and 'weather changer' during the sacred pole raising ceremony 'Indra Dhwaj'. This also corresponds with the Kumari festival, the festival to honor the Living Goddess, Lord Ganesha, and Bhairava.

A special focus on visiting shamans of different cultural and traditional backgrounds will be the main focus. We will weave the Nepalese worldview of life, the rites of passages, health and healing processes, ceremonies and healing rituals, initiations and more.
The group will not only visit the natural sacred sites and places but will also visit the squares, palaces, open museums, temples, and monasteries.

Four days and three-night homestay with families and encounter with shamans there will be your life-changing experiences.

It is open for those who like to learn, experience and live 'shaman's cultural and spiritual worldviews and immerse deeply in oneself!

Also Yoga sessions will be given by Carine, yoga teacher and the sojour facilitator/translator.

You are welcome to participate.

For all infos contact me.